March 16, 2010
Another Day and No Morning Sickness
I know I’m jinxing myself but I’m grateful for not having to deal with it just yet. I know I’m not out of the words yet but I’m doing what I can to try to prevent it.
Baby Mac and I had a good night at the gym. Spinning class is always a good way to start the week.

March 15, 2010
Well, Well, Well
So I’ve been reading about what I should be expecting now and over the next coming weeks and all I can say is that the only thing that is truly bothering me is the frequency of the trips to the restroom. Seriously, two nights in a row I’ve had to get up to go. I’ve never had to do that. Thanks baby MC (mac)! Oh yeah, that’s what I’m calling him, Baby Mac.
As a matter of fact, I ran in the St Patty’s Day 5 mile run and did great. I had a wonderful run. Hard to believe I made it that whole time without stopping at the porta-potty. I’m still planning on doing the 1/2 in Champaign but I’m going to postpone Tri’s till next year.
Let me see if I can upload an picture. Scott took our first one tonight. We’ll try to keep doing it. As long as I can stand looking at it.

I’m not sure what that little protrusion is. Maybe I need to do more crunches.
I’ve got to go. I need to see if I can get Scott to rub my back. We’ve been working on prepping the kitchen for demo tomorrow.

March 12, 2010
Seriously?! How many times can a girl go in a day
Ok, so I read what to expect during the 6/7th week and they couldn’t be more right about one thing: “Your baby’s face is taking shape, which is something sweet to think about as you race to the toilet to pee yet again.” This baby already seems to know my weakness. If I spend anymore time in the bathroom, I wouldn’t get ANYTHING done.
Regardless, I’m feeling good. Just wishing I could stay on the treadmill for 10 minutes and not have to push the “Emergency” stop button.
Oh well. Thank God it’s the kitchen getting remodeled not the bathroom.

March 10, 2010
Another day

Traveled to Orlando this morning for work. I’ve noticed that I have to use the bathroom about twice as much as I did before and if you know me you, you know that I’ve visited every bathroom between home and Florida and more. I know I’m intentionally drinking more water but good lord!
I also had a little break through today. To be honest, this wasn’t exactly planned and I’ve had to adjust my way of thinking: it’s not all about me now. Everyday that becomes a little clearer and I come to grips with the fact that we’re going to be parents. Today was the first day where I was a little excited. I was eating dinner with my coworkers and they were talking about their kids and some of the stories really made me want to have similar experiences. I want to introduce this little guy (I don’t know why but I think it’s a boy) to everything that Scott and I love and more. It was a good moment.

March 9, 2010
Doctors and Strollers

So I finally made my first doctor’s appointment. April 2nd. I’ve picked Jackie’s doctor because he knows her and her desires to continue with her athletic endeavors long into and as soon after pregnancy. I’m hoping that he’ll be able to help me stay in the groove as long as possible. Which leads me to my next random pregnancy thought today. Running Strollers. If there’s one thing that I REALLY want is a good running stroller. I’ve run with some friends and some are definitely better than others. I do wish I could take them all for a test drive. You can do that with running shoes, why not strollers? I guess I’ll keep researching but that’s at the top of the list.
I was happy to be able to go to spinning class tonight. I’m hoping that’s one of the things that I’ll be able to do long into the next 40 weeks. It’s a great hour of stress relief.
I’m heading to Orlando for work again this week. I’m looking forward to next week when I’ll be home all week. Too bad our kitchen will be under construction for the entire week plus some. I can’t wait till the remodel is done. One less thing to worry about.

March 7, 2010
Another Day Down

Last night we had to go to a dinner party for a good friend. It was a great night filled with good friends, good ambiance and what looked like great drinks. I stuck to my cranberry and soda water. We haven’t told friends yet. We have to get to the doctor first. I need to know approximately how far along I am. I’m guessing somewhere between 5 and 6 weeks. Tonight Scott is going to take the necessary 1st side profile photo. We will try to remember to do that every week from here on out. Photo Coming Soon.

March 6, 2010
Does that say what I think it says?!

One week ago Scott and I went to Deweys for dinner knowing that a trip to Walgreens was inevitable. Just driving there was surreal. I couldn’t believe we were about to buy the little box that was going to change our lives. So after taking 3 tests I have to tell you that Scott and I will be bringing a baby into the world. Yep that’s right we’re pregnant. I can’t believe I said it. So I immediately started thinking about all the logistics, is our house going to be big enough, do we need to think about moving, etc. After a couple days it started to sink in and I started to get excited about it. What I wasn’t excited about is giving up caffine, diet soda and alcohol.
This blog is devoted to documenting the next 40 weeks. It’s a shame I’m not a journalist but I’ll try to keep it entertaining.
Lately my biggest questions have been: What foods should I be staying away from and Will I be able to compete the half marathon I’ve already registered in. I’ve resigned myself to the fact that I won’t be competing in the triathlon at the end of May or any others this summer. I am glad I only registered for the one before I found out. Registration isn’t cheap.
Scott asked if I’ve noticed any changes in myself. Among other things, I have noticed that at the end of the day, I’m a little more tired but I hear that gets better after your first trimester. Telling family and friends will be fun. My parents will be getting their first two grand children today when my sister has her baby soon and our little bundle of joy will arrive in November sometime (my estimation). I am still looking for a doctor. It turns out my doctor doesn’t deliver babies. So I’ll probably ask my girlfriend Jackie whose doctor is familiar with her desire to continue to run and workout as long into the pregnancy as possible. Now we only have to tell them.
Over the coming weeks I’ll try to be diligent at keeping the blog updated with what’s going on. It will be a big next couple weeks with more business travel and the our before baby planned kitchen remodel. I will be so glad when that’s done.


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