Ever wonder…

what goes through a runner’s head during the hour or so (depending on how far you’re running) that they spend hitting the pavement everyday? Well, I thought I would try to shed some light on that question, even if you didn’t ask it. It’s definitely changed a little since i found out I was pregnant. It can change so quickly that it’s hard to remember everything but here’s a sample:

  • Minute 1-2 Warmup – “How long am I running today?”, Well the park is 1.2 miles around so maybe 3, maybe 4 laps. We’ll see how I feel.
  • Min 2-? – Ok, now we’re running. Check my heartrate. My other pregnant runners say it’s important to try to keep it around 150 bpm. This could be tough. It seems like everytime I run, it gets up to 170 or so and stays there. Geez!
  • Next thought – “How is that little dog keepin up with that runner?, that’s got to be some form of animal cruelty or not. It seems pretty happy. “
  • Next – Ok, one lap done. That was easy. I’m definitely going to push for 5 laps today. That will feel so good.
  • Next – Am I going to be able to workout tomorrow and Friday? Since we’re staying with the McFarlands, should I come home, go to the gym or run then head up there? It will be 9:30 before I make it there. That’s probably too late. Maybe I’ll pack and head straight there after work, run and eat with them but I want to go home and see the progress. Oh, what to do. I’ll think about it later.
  • Next – Look at those boot camp participants. They look like they are killing themselves. I wonder who’s burning more calories? I guess it depends on how long they are working and what they’re doing. Oh well, I’m heading to the gym after this to lift, it should be comparable. Oh, wait, check the heartrate. Damn! 165- slow down. 😦
  • Next – Insert really personal thought here. Sorry, you can’t read everything, nor would you want to.
  • Next – I can’t wait to cook again. I’m dying for some chicken pesto, oh and maybe a filet, baked potato, etc. I’m hungry.
  • Next – Working on lap 3. This is still not too bad. Check the heart rate, oh geez. I’m never going to keep it that low.
  • Next – I didn’t get to watch biggest looser last night. Guess what I’m watching tonight!
  • Next – Ok that lady is hard core, she just passed me pushing a stroller up hill. That’s going to be me! I swear. I really need to make sure I get an awesome running stroller. Maybe I’ll go online and look for people’s recommendations. I wish you could test drive them.
  • Next – Lap 3 done, ok. I think that’s enough. It’s getting dark and I still want to go to the gym. I’ve scheduled a long run this weekend. That will be where I spend a lot of time. Hopefully the weather holds up.
  • Stretch and head to the gym.

Yep, random I know.


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