We’ve moved….from WordPress to Blogger

Nina has been nice enough to help me spruce up my blog a little with an awesome header and so much more.  THANKS NINA!

It will be nice to be able to go back and read this blog once this little guy is here.  Memories.  Last night I had dinner with some girlfriends.  It’s a monthly ritual that I enjoy so much.  Last time we met up though I was drinking a wonderful Cabernet.  I had seen this alcohol free wine that I used to laugh but now it’s not such a bad idea so I tried it last night.  Glorified grape juice.  It’s only been 8 weeks and I’m already missing it.  I miss tannins.    
Scott and I continue to discuss how/if we are going to fit another little body in this house.  Once this kitchen is done I’m not going to want to leave for a little while.  I want to enjoy our long awaited kitchen.  
I have to admit while I stress about things I shouldn’t right now (i.e. setting up a college fund, picking out furniture, trading Scott’s car in,etc) I do enjoy looking at PotteryBarn Kids and looking for the perfect diaper bag.  I love that stuff.
I had a really good workout today.  The weather was so nice, I got to run outside.  I went to Francis Park and watched these moms push their awesome strollers and I am starting to really believe that I’ll be able to keep doing what I love and make time for the baby.  It’s a question that comes 

up everyday in my head.  
Tomorrow and Friday night we’ll be staying with Charlene and Terry while tile goes down.  I’m sure they are pretty sick of watching Zoey.  She can be a pretty big diva in an already full house.
Here’s a picture of what we’re dealing with in the kitchen.  Just for fun.


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