It Is Amazing…

how all of a sudden, I can’t just pick out a couch. I have to have one that will be safe enough for kids, no sharp edges or too high, etc. It goes on and on. Finally we settled on a slip covered sturdy casual couch for the den. I figure that will be will baby mac spends a lot of time playing so I want to be comfortable when I ‘m sitting there watching him. It gets delivered in a couple weeks. I can’t wait, hopefully by then, most of the kitchen will be done and we’ll just be waiting on the countertops.

So on my run today, I saw another BOB. These things must be pretty good. They look pretty awesome. I wonder if you have to rotate the tires on those things after so many miles?
So more research on strollers, this is the BOB. It’s the one that I find most recommended by runners everywhere. I may have to start saving, retailing for $400 it’s no cheap but this is one thing that I can’t wait to get.

The other option is the Summit. It holds 5 more pounds than the BOB and has the same features. Oh and same price. I’ve got time to look but I’ll keep looking. The 1/2 marathon will be a good opportunity to see if moms are pushing strollers (which I have seen before, pretty extreme) what they’re pushing.

While I’m just beginning this journey, Peg is getting ready to finish it. My first Nephew (or Niece but I think it’s a boy) is due now 03/30. If she hasn’t had him by then, they are going to induce her on either 04/01 or 04/02. What an April Fools huh? If it’s 04/02, we’ll have to go racing over there after my first doc appointment. It could be a busy week.


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