Pickles, Hot Wings and Muffies

Those are the things today that I HAD to have. I can’t explain it but I’m amazed how obsessed I am about making sure I get them all. I’ve had two of the three. Scott and I are going to venture out to find hot wings once the blues hit the second intermission. My first attempt at boneless hot wings was a complete bust. Never buy them from the grocery store deli counter! Terrible! Luckily Cecil whitakers had some that met expectations. I’m satisfied!

I made a pretty good observation today at the gym and it explains why I hate treadmills so much. The lack of stimulation leads to mindless running with nothing to really help pass the time. They have tv’s but even that’s not as good as running outside. I spend the time trying to justify wanting to get off. I can’t even do intervals for fear of getting my heart rate up to high. Thank god most of my pregnancy will allow for outside running and an occasional bike ride. I just bought a new saddle and had a tune up so I will be riding it at least a few times. I know that has nothing to do with babies but it WAS frustrating.


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