I think I’m Trippin

I need to do some more research. Lately I’ve noticed that I’ve been having some extremely weird dreams. Here are just a couple examples:
1. Our new child was born with a full on permed dark head of hair. I wish I could draw, you’d see how crazy it looked.
2. We had a pet gorilla that would refuse to sit anywhere else but in the chair in the front room.
3. For J’s Wedding, I weighed about 200 lbs. YIKES! That was more of a nightmare.

So I need to see if this is normal because I can’t ever recall having so many dreams that were just random or that I could remember. So researching Babyzone.com indicates the following:

1. Animals: Animals in dreams remind us to trust our instincts
2. Babies: Expectant parents and parents of young children often dream of babies. These dreams take many forms, from babies who are born deformed or become lost, to dreams of abandonment and death. These dreams are not premonitions; rather they are simply a parent’s way of dealing with the anxiety and responsibility inherent in parenting.
3. Nothing on extreme weight gain. I guess that’s pretty self explanatory.

Did I mention I’m an Aunt for the second time? Congrats, P & N!


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