What a day!

I don’t usually post twice in a day but today was such a great day I had to. Today, P and N welcomed a beautiful baby girl into the world. She’s adorable and precious. I’m so proud of them and can’t wait to watch her grow up.

After going to visit the proud parents and baby girl, life got back to normal. With the weather being so beautiful, I decided to go for a run before heading to the gym. Actually I decided to run to the gym but took the long way. A normal run to the gym would take about 25 minutes, today I took about double the time just to enjoy the great weather and also do some thinking. So my list of random running thoughts is back for a repeat visit. This was a great day for a thought provoking run.

1. Started at home. Walk for 2-3 minutes to warm up. Look around the neighborhood to as I leave. There’s a house up the street that still needs to rake leaves. I hate the way that looks.
2. Start of run, heart rate is at 110 bpm. Ok, heart rate good, let’s go!
3. Oh I forget it’s rush hour, better stay on the sidewalks today. I never realized how many people talk on their phones while driving. I think I just passed 5 consecutive drivers talking on the phone. Yep, definitely staying on the sidewalks.
4. Nice! 10 weeks pregnant and still getting honked at! That’s right boys, eat it up, it won’t look like this for long. đŸ™‚
5. Heart rate, already up to 150 bpm and I’m barely ten minutes in. I guess if it breaks 165, I’ll walk and let it get back down a little bit.
6. You know what? The optimal heart rate for burning fat is around 150, maybe this be a good thing. And since I’m forced to watch my heart rate, my endurance could also benefit. Let’s see how this run feels.
7. Dang, I forgot how hilly Laclede Station Road was. I better walk this hill.
8. God I love running, especially on days like this. It doesn’t always feel good, sometimes it’s downright painful but it can be relaxing at the same time. I think I enjoy the personal time. I guess that’s why I don’t run with others well.
9. Wow, wasn’t Madeline beautiful today? I have to give P props for giving birth without drugs. I don’t think I’ll be as strong; actually I know I won’t be. Bring on the epidural.
10. I wish P had been able to wear something cute in the hospital rather than those ugly gowns. I would love to find something that is cute and functional.
11. Mental image of hospital gown design comes to mind. I wonder if I can make this? It looks really good in my head. I wish I could sketch. Maybe I’ll have to get the sewing machine out and try it.
12. I’m surprised by how many runners I’m passing. It’s nice to see. Time to walk a little bit again. This stupid heart rate. I wish it would cooperate.
13. Webster University. Good Lord these college kids look young. Did I look that young in college? I wonder how they are like going to Webster. It is such a small school, too small for me but I guess it’s good for them.
14. Almost to the gym, I wonder what muscle group I’ll lift today. I guess I should do upper body since I’m just finishing about a 5.5 mile run, better give my legs a rest.
15. I need to remember this route. It was a perfect length.
16. This will probably the last workout I get for a couple days with all that’s going on, it could be tough to get in tomorrow or Friday. I wish I was a morning person.
17. Walk, I see the gym. That felt great. I’m ready to stretch and work out. Then figure out what’s for dinner. I can’t wait to have a counter top.


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