Making Progress

This weekend was great. I was able to successfully run my long run on Saturday, it took a little longer than I would’ve liked but I’m not complaining since the doctor gave me the go ahead with the official restriction of heart rate monitoring. I’m hoping that as I continue to run, it will be easier to control it and possibly speed up a little.

I also got to go see my beautiful new neice. She’s precious and it’s amazing how P has turned into the perfect little mommy. There is a look in her eyes that wasn’t there before. It’s special. I love watching them together. I hope to have that kind of bond with Baby Mac.

Today was a beautiful day for Easter. S and I went to church this morning and sat behind a couple with their hands full, a set of twin boys that couldn’t be older than 2 and an older brother. It makes me appreciate that we only saw one heartbeat.

We spent the afternoon taking a nap, which was needed since S isn’t feeling good and I think I expended more energy than I had running yesterday. Then off to his parents for dinner. We have a beautiful nephew on his side and he’s crawling now which is awesome. What’s even funnier to watch is him crawl underneath a standing Rottweiler and neither one of them thinks a thing about it. Zoey is great with him too. She likes to inspect his crawling mechanics and when she approves, she gives him a single lick on the head and lets him go on his way. It’s the funniest thing to see.

We couldn’t make it to the gym today before they closed so I pulled out one of my old yoga DVD’s which turned out to be exactly what I needed since I was sore from yesterday’s run. I’m feeling very refreshed and ready for bed. That is if I could just shake this desire to pop a bag of popcorn. I’ve had one of the evenings where I can’t figure out what I’m hungry for. I’ve tried Ramen Noodles, a chocolate egg and I’m still wanting popcorn. I hate eating this much.

I’ll be in Orlando this week and hope that when I come home on Thursday, I’ll have a countertop and new fridge. Then I can cook again, which will help me keep the calories under control.

Until tomorrow…


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