Interesting Observations

So a couple things happened today related to pregnancy that caught my attention. I cheated a little early and went and got my first “prenatal” massage. It was weird and the woman who did it was FULL of advice I didn’t ask for or want. I’m not sure how more direct I could be but nothing seemed to help. She was going to give me all her antidotes about how she dealt with everything from soar nipples (yep, I really didn’t want to hear that) to screaming babies. What was supposed to be a relaxing experience turned into something much different. Strike 1.

Strike 2 came when I went to the mall to return some things and happened across the maternity store which I hadn’t been in until today. I don’t need them yet but some of my jeans have been retired until October so I went in to see what my options were. More unsolicited “remarks” from the lady working at the store. She thought I was “glowing”. What does that mean? I had no make up on and just came from a less than relaxing massage. What makes her say that? I’m betting it’s part of their training. So I looked around only to be slightly horrified at the thought of having to buy these types of clothes. I just can’t imagine getting that size. In my mind, the weight I’ve been gaining is from eating less than desirably without a kitchen and traveling. I guess I haven’t come to grips with this situation yet. Maybe I’ll buy them online to try to keep from freaking out so much.

I can’t wait till perfect strangers start touching my belly. That WON’T go over well. I wonder if there are any articles about how to interact with a pregnant woman. Let’s google that…I found another blog that communicates some of the things that people should keep in mind.

The Blue Wire: Things that are (almost) always okay to say to a pregnant woman
5. How are you feeling?
4. You have such a cute pregnant belly.
3. You are so tiny!
2. I can’t believe you are already 8 months pregnant! (This only applies when she is actually 8 months pregnant, of course.)
1. You look great/terrific/fabulous!

The Orange Wire: Things that are sometimes okay to say to a pregnant woman (proceed with caution!):
5. Look at you! You’re showing!
4. You have that pregnant glow.
3. The due date will be here before you know it.
2. You look like you’re ready to pop! or, Any day now, huh? (Only say this if you know she is within a week of the due date or overdue. Otherwise, just don’t go there.)
1. You look ready. (Again, only say this to your friend if you know she is full-term and really ready to have the baby.)

The Red Wire: Things you should never, ever say to a pregnant woman:
5. Do you mean that, or is that just the pregnancy hormones talking?
4. Seriously, what are you going to name the baby?
3. You’re so HUGE!
2. I can’t believe you’re only 8 months pregnant!
1. Are you sure you’re not having twins??
(And don’t even get me started on perfect strangers asking “was that planned???”)


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