I Need To Go Use My Treadmill

I need to go downstairs and use the newly acquired treadmill but I’m tired and my stomach a little unstable. I will go to the gym tomorrow night, I have to. I haven’t been since Saturday.

We got some fun news about a good friend of mine that’s due 7 weeks before me. They have just found out they are having a little girl. It does make me excited to think about what we’re having. The good thing is S and I really didn’t have much problem picking out names. We’ve agreed to a girl’s name which I’m so excited about and the boys name isn’t too far behind. I just have a little lobbying to do.

I forget if I wrote about this earlier but my packing skills this week were sub par at best. I went to Indy for a couple days and forgot to pack sports bras which prevented me from working out and packed one of my size 4 pants for Tuesday. I wouldn’t say I need maternity clothes yet but I definitely am growing out of my size 4s. I only pray that I’ll be able to get back into them at some point. Actually, no praying needed, I will. No excuses.


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