A New First Today

The work pants that I wanted to wear today just flat out wouldn’t button. Luckily I had purchased the Bella Band last week so I thought I’d give it a try. It’s like a leg warmer for your belly. It goes over your pants and holds them up so you don’t have to button them. All I can say is that they are a LIFESAVER!! It was great, you have to wear shirts that don’t tuck in but that’s fine.

I ordered a couple more pieces of maternity wear today online. Thank goodness for Gap Online. Let’s hope they fit. I figure this Bella Band has given me at least another couple weeks to a month in my regular pants before I truly have to break them out. The stat I read today was that I should start gaining a half pound a week for the weeks of the second trimester. Maybe we should take bets on how much I’ll weigh. No never mind, bad idea.


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