Things Are Starting To Get Frustrating

So a couple things have started lately that really drive me nuts.

1. Unsolicited comments about my size. It’s not anything negative but to someone who works so hard, it’s still hard to accept that I’m going to grow. I’m dealing with it but it doesn’t help to hear these remarks.’s a hint..if you see me, feel free to ask about pregnancy, ask how far along I am but leave it at that. If I’m bigger than you expect, please just make keep it to yourself. Thanks.

2. Relentless Need to Pee. When we go to the gym, I go straight to the restroom, then hit the treadmill. After 5 minutes, I have to go AGAIN. So now my 30-40 minute run takes so much longer. I’m happy that I can still spin without it being an issue but running is frustrating. Come on kid, just let me run.

So that’s it. My rant. I’m hoping this is just a mood swing but I feel better letting it out. Ok, I’m heading to bed.


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