16 Weeks…

This weekend was Mother’s Day which did seem to have a new dynamic this year. Not that I’m a full fledged mother yet, I did receive some Mother’s To Be cards which were fun and eye opening. Like I said, sometimes, I just fee like I’m getting big but this weekend really made me realize that it’s WAY more than that.

Maybe it will sink in more when I’m able to feel him/her which should be in just another couple weeks. But I swear last night, as I laid very still in bed, I could feel something that was either digestion occurring or the faintest of movements. What is exciting about this week is that Baby Mac can start to hear and comprehend voices. So I guess I better stop singing in the car when I’m by myself for fear of nauseating him/her. I can’t wait for 4 weeks to pass, then we’ll know what we’re having and can stop using both genders.

I should have another great week of workouts. No travel again this week means frequent trips to the gym and attendance in Spinning class. I’d like to go to the pool but don’t think I have a swim suit that fits anymore and something about wearing a bikini to do laps feels strange.


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