The 17th Week is Underway

So we’ve started into the 17th week and the book says the little one is the size of my palm and starting to put some body fat on this week. Anytime now I’m also supposed to start feeling some movement. I can’t imagine what that’s going to feel like. I still just think I’m getting fat. It’s still weird to think there’s a baby in there.

I added a couple more things to the registry and got a few suggestions at the baby centered events we attended this weekend. I had a baby shower for a good friend then a child’s second birthday party. Wouldn’t you know, the second I settle on a stroller, I get a new suggestion from some avid triathletes. It’s called the Chariot and is said to be the best thing ever. So I did some research and it is pretty awesome. It can even convert into a bike trailer. It sounds like I can take a closer look at them at the bike shop I got my bike at. That registry I started may be changing soon.

I do think I’ve found something that I would consider an adverse effect of being pregnant. I get car sick really easily. One our way home from Scott’s parents I couldn’t kick the feeling. Luckily we made it home before anything bad happened but it’s still frustrating.


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