Week 18 Starting Soon and SICK!!!

The one thing I don’t need right now is to get sick since there’s nothing I can take to make it go away. As I’m getting bigger, sicker isn’t something I want to add to it.

I am excited to head home tomorrow. It feels like forever since I’ve been there. For those that don’t know I’m pregnant it will be fun to watch reactions.

Week 17 wasn’t too bad otherwise. I got a few good workouts in but I am starting to find that my workout clothes aren’t fitting well. I think the running shorts are going to have to be retired for running pants or yoga pants. They just aren’t appealing but what is right now?

I keep waiting for more definitive kicks or punches from within but haven’t felt anything yet. Maybe next week. According to my book, it should be anytime now.

Next week I’ve got my third doctor’s appointment. I can’t believe how fast time is flying. In two weeks we’ll know the gender. I can’t wait. I can only imagine how fast summer is going to go with shopping for baby stuff, preparing for J and N’s wedding and my multi-million dollar project at work implementing in August. I guess I timed this baby pretty well. When I go on maternity leave in October, the project should just be winding down.

S and I went to look for a new car. We loved the Ford Explorer Eddie B addition. It had all the fun gadgets and I felt tall and safe in it, not that I don’t in my Volvo but I miss my Xterra. There’s a new one coming in on Monday. S is going to go take a look at it for us and we may buy it next week. Yeah!!


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