Why Can’t I Feel It?

After 18 weeks all I want to do is feel something moving in there. I know the second I say that, I’ll start to feel it way more than I want to or need to but right now, I just want to feel something distinct. I want to know what I’m feeling is a kick, move, or punch. Come on baby mac, you can do it!!

Two weeks from now we’ll be able to stop calling this renter Baby Mac. We should know the sex which means we can finalize names. I can’t wait. Then it’s off to do more shopping.

We’re back in Indy this week which means working out will be minimal. It’s a good thing we have a sporting event to participate in all day Friday. Too bad the only thing that I’ll burn is probably my face. Bocce doesn’t really require massive amounts of energy.

S went and looked at a new Ford Explorer that came in today. The problem with this one was it’s color – Red. He said it was more brick red than fire engine red but I’ve never been a huge fan of red. I don’t know if I can get past that. I know, I’m such a girl. The other thing was it had features we didn’t want therefore don’t feel the need to pay for. It had every feature possible: navigation, DVD, automated running boards and a V8 engine. I guess we’ll head there when I get back to take another look at it but I’m not convinced it’s the right one. Stupid car dealers!


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