Small Eye Openers Yesterday

So I guess you could say I’ve been thinking about October 26th sort of as Dday. The day the whole world comes to a stand still, my life changes forever and I have to start to deal with big kid issues. Yesterday I ran across some small reminders that once this little guy is born, life will be normal (the new normal) and that my entire life won’t be all about the kid, which is something I’m a little nervous about. I know theses are small but regardless, to me they said: “See, life will go on”.

1. Last week we had taken our new car in to get it detailed, oil change and tire rotations. We got it back and it wasn’t until yesterday that I noticed the new oil change reminder in the upper left hand corner. The date for the next oil change was “11/3/2010”, that’s PB date (post baby).

2. Yesterday morning I was listening to the radio and they were giving away tickets to Justin Bieber (which is the only way I’d ever want tickets to see him) for a concert to be held in STL in the middle of November.

Just hearing about activities planned after little guys birth reminds me I’m not going to be pregnant forever and that soon I’ll have another little buddy to do all these little mundane activities with. Now I’m kind of looking forward to them.


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