Kicking, Punching and Whatever Else

Little Eli (I’m just going to start trying different names to see what I like) is definitely starting to make his presence known. I’m constantly feeling little nudges and I can almost feel like he might be doing flips in there. It really is a crazy feeling. Every time I tell S to feel it, little one stops moving. Poor S!

I did add a few more things to my registry last night but I want to go in and look so I know there are things that are in stock.

I went swimming this afternoon after work. I was so nervous to put my swimsuit on for fear that it wouldn’t fit. I was pleasantly surprised that it did. Now I just had to get over the fear that I would look like a beached whale struggling to do some laps. Once I realized it was just me and another elderly woman, I was able to relax. Normally swimming is just another task. My goal is usually to swim a certain distance (1/2 mile, full mile or more). Once I started swimming today, I decided not to count laps. It was nice. I was able to just enjoy being weightless in the water. Swimming is different than anything else I do because it’s the only activity where I can’t put headphones on and get lost in the activity. When you swim, you are truly alone with your thoughts and no other distractions. That can be good or bad. Today was a LONG day at work so all I wanted to do is something mindless. Nothing better than going up and down a lap pool. You don’t burn as many calories as running or biking but it does work different muscle groups. Besides, I’ve got to get little **Insert Name Here** introduced to the water early.


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