Pounds Not Ounces

The 22nd week of pregnancy is marked with a huge milestone. Little Bob is weighing it at 1 pound this week. That will mark the first time he’s measured in pounds not ounces. In total, I’ve gained somewhere between 14 & 15 pounds and I still have 18 weeks to go. This should be interesting. I need to stay around the 25 to 30 if at all possible. That is what’s considered normal for pregnancy. That would mean I would need to shed about 10 pounds post baby to get back to pre-baby form. That seems so far away right now.

S and I also went and did some registering at Baby’s R Us this weekend. It you look at the registry, I think you’ll notice very clearly what items he registered for (hint – “My first soccer ball”). It’s a much easier store to deal with when you go on off hours and your husband is with you. We did pick out a lot of big things but we still need to decide on a crib and furniture.

We both agreed on bedding too which was nice. It’s at Pottery Barn Kids. it’s got the perfect amount of blue and green. Thanks Mom!

Now if we could only agree on a name that easily. S has his vote and I like it, I’m just not sure I’m sold on it yet.

We also did some nesting this weekend. I guess you could call it that. We are having to actually share closet space (oh lord) which is going to test our marriage. So we started clearing out more old stuff in the basement to make room for cedar lined closets (to be built) or modular units that we can use to switch out seasonal clothes. We had the old metal cabinets from the kitchen upstairs that we wanted to use so we’ve got the bottom ones in place now. S has to hang the top ones and I need to go get a countertop to go over the bottom units. We also need to look at carpeting that area down there (carpet tiles) and investing in a bigger TV since the treadmill is down there, I’m hoping or expecting to spend a lot of time there. If my little guy is anything like my niece, he will want to be held and walking all the time. I guess we can burn a couple calories together. Luckily we’ve made it through an entire year without water in the basement which is a huge thing. The flood of 09 will be one we never forget.

As for the workouts, I’m having to get more creative. Running is a thing of the past. Maybe 2-10 minute increments at the most but it’s always sprinkled in to a more walk heavy sweat session. Weights are my one saving grace. I’ve been able to for the most part continue those. It is funny though to walk back to the weight section with all the muscle heads and see the looks I get. It’s pretty obvious that I’m pregnant and they aren’t sure whether to try to stop me from straining too much or stare. Either way, it’s pretty entertaining. There are a few of them I do know and every time we pass and say hi, I can tell they aren’t sure if they should ask if there’s a baby in there. So I save them the awkwardness and let them know early. Your welcome muscleheads! 🙂 Stare away boys, little bob and I’ll be doing some bicep curls over here in the corner!!


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