23rd week and I can’t wait…

In case you couldn’t pick up on the sarcasm, evidently this is the week when this kid starts to pack on the pounds. You can only guess what that means for me. I’m probably about to officially out grow all of my regular work pants. To date, I’ve been able to rotate about 4 pair that were size 6 with the help of the belly band but I’m afraid my days are numbered. I’ve ordered a second pair of big girl pants. Hopefully they come in soon.

I went to church today and you can’t help but observe the various family dynamics that are present and one thing occurred to me. There are definite advantages to boys. One example: You don’t have to do their hair. I saw a family with two little boys and they had little crew cuts. That beats dealing with long hair and knots. And to think that this little guy won’t have to worry about Pawpaw coming at him with a comb the barber gave him (which is not meant for girl hair) claiming to want to “help get the knots out” is great.

I’m also excited that we’re finally trying to work out the bedroom situation. It’s a slow process but ultimately, we need to find room for a crib, changing table and dresser in an already crowded room. I’m continuing to sort through my clothes and make sure I am only keeping what I wear and S is going to have to do the same. Then we are going to have to figure out what pieces of furniture come out of that room to make room for baby stuff.

We are also getting closer on names. We’re negotiating still but we both like the names we just have preferences on which to call him on a daily basis. More to come!


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