Second Ultrasound Coming

I had a Dr. Apt yesterday. It’s so crazy to have them take out a tape measure and measure the size of my belly. The total size should equate to the number of weeks. 23 1/2 inches, pretty spot on. He also mentioned that they are scheduling another ultrasound for the 30 week mark. Evidently, our little guy has a slightly enlarged left kidney and they want to keep an eye on it. It’s nothing to be alarmed at says the doctor most babies with this issue will outgrow it before birth. What that does mean though is that we’ll get to see how big he’s gotten.

I went to they gym tonight and was looking in the mirror and it really did look like I had a volleyball under my shirt. It doesn’t look so much like that in work clothes. I wonder why that is. If I remember, I’ll have S take a picture on Saturday at the 24 week mark.

Sleep has also become challenging lately. If I’m not getting up several times to visit the bathroom, I’m hot and can’t cool down.

We’ve also been busy at home. We’ve finally found a painter so soon we’ll have the kitchen painted. We’ve also bought some new shelves and TV stand for the den which helps make that room feel like less of the dumping ground for mismatched furniture and more like a put together room. I still need to add some finishing touches and the room really does need a new paint color but we’ll see. One thing at a time. This weekend we have a big weekend of sanding and painting patio furniture, looking for a console table for the front room and some Adirondack chairs for the front porch.


One response to “Second Ultrasound Coming

  1. Maybe you should wear a mask and leave the area if S spary paints. Don't overdo

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