A Couple Firsts Today

Two things happened today that I had yet to experience.

1. First Time Someone asked when I was due before thinking twice – While at work in the elevator a lady got in and I saw her eyes go immediately to my belly. There was an awkward silence that I’m pretty sure was her trying to decide to ask. And then it happened…”when are you due?” “October 26th” I said. After which she proceed to tell me about her boys.

2. Similar situation but I was at the gym lifting weights next to a guy. He looked at me, did a double take then said “I admire you working out the way you are in your condition.” huh! I said “Thanks, you gotta just keep going.” To which he said, “I wish someone would’ve told my wife that, maybe she wouldn’t look like she does now.” Ouch!!

Saturday night I went to dinner with some girlfriends (the wives of all of my husbands friends). We are all close and enjoy getting together and venting a little bit. 9 of us went and this was the first time that almost half of us were pregnant in various stages. Girl 1 is due any day, Girl 2 is due in September, Girl 3 is due October (me), Girl 4 due in February. What a sight that was. 🙂

We will hopefully be ordering baby furniture soon. We’ve picked it out and I’m thinking ordering it will prompt us to spend more time reorganizing things and in an effort to make room for the additional pieces. We’re going to get the convertible crib, changing table and 5 drawer dresser. We are also debating if we want to get a glider. It wouldn’t fit in the bedroom unfortunately but it would be nice to have for the den.

I do have to complain a little bit that it’s getting harder to sleep through the night. I don’t like constantly sleeping on my sides and find myself waking up on my back, which I feel bad about since the doctors recommend not sleeping on your back. S has had to deal with arms constantly swinging around trying to find a good place to land. Sometimes his head takes a hit.


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