25 Weeks and Still Pregnant

It is a little crazy to think that I’m past the half way mark. To date, I’ve gained somewhere around 15 to 17 lbs.

I’d like to say it’s closer to 15 lbs but I’m thinking 17. I’m not going to confirm it though because I’ve refused to step on a scale for the once a month mandatory visit at the Dr. Office. This approach, stepping on a scale only once a month, is not necessarily the best either because when I finally do see that number it seems pretty big. As I understand it, it’s only going to get worse. Baby Mac is somewhere between 1 1/2 and 2 lbs now which is a little comforting to know it’s not all me. What I understand of the 25th week is that he will start using his nose which means hiccups can occur which I will be able to feel.

I’m also starting to notice my back is trying to take the brunt of the extra weight which means a sore back all the time. S was nice enough to give me a back rub which I couldn’t figure out how he was going to do till I went into the bedroom and found this piece of engineering miracle.

It might not look like much but to a pregnant woman who use to sleep on her stomach, it’s a small slice of heaven. My growing belly fits in that little slit in the middle. It was so nice to be able rest that way even for just a little bit.

Friday I went to see my girlfriend who has just come home from having her little girl. She’s so sweet and makes you realize that all this discomfort does come with a priceless payout. Good things come to those who wait I suppose. After doing that, I went to the mall to get the shoes for my brother’s up coming wedding. The shoe salesman brought them to me then proceeded to watch as I attempted to strap them on. I did use the word “attempt” right? Finally after just a few seconds of struggling the salesman noticed my frustration and came to help. It really is shocking when you realize you can’t do the simple things that you used to do like put on a pair of strappy heels. Damn it!

This week I marked our home calendar with the weeks so S could be reminded of where we are in this process. I didn’t realize that you’re actually gestation period is 42 weeks until I did this. My 40th week is actually two weeks before my due date of Oct 26th. How cruel is that?


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