I’m Never Wearing Empire Waist Again!

Once this little guy is out (15 weeks or so from now), I am banning all empire waist clothing from my house. I won’t be able to associate them with anything else other than pregnancy. So sorry, this is one fashion trend I will not partake in, that and probably leggings (just not pretty on an athletic build, or I use to have an athletic build). They are cute on my brother in law’s girlfriend, who is a size 0 and fabulous.

Yesterday was a pretty amazing day for one reason, I swear Ian was working out in my stomach all day long! I couldn’t believe how active he was then after my spinning class and dinner, it’s like he went to sleep. I couldn’t believe how in tune we were. I’m not sure if I’ve felt any hiccups but definitely lots of movement.

My spinning class has become a sort of support system for me. It’s nice that I do it with my girlfriend who is 32 weeks pregnant (yep, that will be me too). The group that always rides on Monday night seems to know just what to say to a pregnant lady. Last night I heard that I’m the smallest pregnant woman they’ve seen given my stage in the pregnancy. True or not, I took that compliment and spun happily uncomfortable for an hour.

Wednesday night we’re swimming again (Baby and I). I do enjoy doing that and need to do it more regularly. I need to keep that swimming fitness up to some degree or triathlon training post baby will really be killer.

Oh, one other thing. I need to remember to upload a picture that my girlfriend took of me and her baby. I couldn’t believe it was me. From the neck down, I could be a regular playboy bunny. I need to learn how to cover those things up. I’m definitely not use to having them and forget to make sure they are tucked away. The last thing I want is to give everyone a peep show. After looking at that picture, I thought about what I did at work that day and realized, I probably showed my boss more than he wanted to see too. Oops! Too bad I’m not getting into swimsuit anytime soon. It would be fun to see what they look like in that.


2 responses to “I’m Never Wearing Empire Waist Again!

  1. So glad I happened on your blog! I just started a blog myself and I'm due Oct 23rd! How funny! I was leaving a comment on Elizabeth's blog and saw your comment accidentally and thought we could connect and follow each other to the very end! I have popped recently, too, but I think more than you as I'm only 5'2″ I went from not many notices, to 'oh you must be 6.5 months pregnant!' yikes! what will 40 wks look like! Love it. Our stories are super similar!

  2. Nana has always said the same thing about empire designed dresses. Those horrible tie-in-the-back things will also be a No No.

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