Look Out Boys…Momma Can Hit!

S is playing golf on Saturday so he wanted to go hit golf balls. I thought I’d humor him and go. Besides, I wanted to test out Mom’s theory that she played her best golf while pregnant. Turns out, there must be something to that. At 6 months, I’m no longer slicing it. With my three wood, I can consistently hit 150+ yards. S was pretty impressed. I should have stopped while I was ahead though. I wasn’t that successful with irons or pitching. It was fun though. I’m thinking I might go to a course and hustle some good ole boys out of some money. 🙂

I also went and swam which was a good decision seeing that it was one of the hottest days of the year thus far. I’m still fitting into my speedo which is an accomplishment in itself. I need to think about signing up at a club with a pool preferably one that provides childcare as well. Maybe for Christmas I’ll ask Santa for a YMCA membership.

I had to laugh at myself tonight after my shower. I was putting some of this belly balm stuff on my ever growing stomach and realized it seemed like I was shining a bowling ball. It’s just as round as it can be. You might think I had stuck a basketball under my shirt if you didn’t know any better.

We ordered the baby furniture last night. Now we just need to get that room cleared out to make room for the three new pieces.


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