Uh No It’s Happening…

My brother and his fiance are getting married next weekend and I’m a brides maid. The dresses are a pretty shade of pink which I think that I could highlight a little better if I had a tan. So I’ve been thinking long and hard about putting a swimsuit on this weekend (something I’m not looking forward to) and getting some sun. That’s when I realized…

This might be TMO for boys reading this but my line of sight is starting to diminish. In the shower yesterday, it occurred to me to make sure I was safe to possibly put on a swimsuit tomorrow and when I went to look, my view was obstructed. I was hoping that wouldn’t happen till maybe the 7th month or so but no such luck. I can only barely see the parts that I needed to see. Not sure if pregnant women can wax but I’m afraid I’ll have to look into it. If for no other reason, peace of mind.

As an alternative to putting on the bathing suit, I’ve debated spray tanning but can’t bring myself to do it without knowing what it’s going to look like. How bad would that look, an orange, 6 month pregnant lady walking down the longest isle in St. Louis in 3 in sexy stilettos. What a sight!

I’ve got my first baby shower this week. I can’t believe it. It’s going to be a shocker to open baby things. There are days that I feel like I’m still going with the theory that I’m just eating too much.

My niece had her baptism this past weekend too.  She is such a good little girl.  She didn’t crazy at all and even came out of it smelling like Eucholyptist. 

I also want to brag for a minute about the fact that my kitchen is finally DONE!!  We had it painted this week and it made a huge difference.  It looks great and we found a good painter that we hope to use from now on.  No more do it yourself for us.  Because it’s actually become “S does it” and I’m not allowed close to the paint.  I guess I should’ve take a picture of the backsplash and cabinets with the paint color. More pictures to come. 


One response to “Uh No It’s Happening…

  1. House looks great and you look great! Ditto…same problem for me and I'm considering buying a mirror to put in the shower for just this problem!

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