What a Busy Weekend

To say this was an action packed weekend is an understatement only to be outdone by the events of the coming weekend.  This weekend was all about baby where next weekend will be all about my brother and N.

Let’s start with Friday…the only thing truly eventful was the fact that the movement I’ve been feeling in my belly became more substantial.  I literally felt like I could feel and see his elbow or knee running up and down the left side of my belly.  It was the most bizarre thing to be able to feel.  It’s only going to get stronger too.  As S and I were watching TV that night, little boy was so active, you could visually see it from the other side of the couch.  I think we’re in trouble.

Saturday, I got a little taste of what life would be like with a little one.  I watched Baby M for my sister while she did some work.  We went to the mall and babies r us and I quickly realized just how much work it is just to get in and out of the car.  During the day, I went with a girlfriend and her two small girls to the pool for a little while.  We were a sight.  Did I mention she’s 34 weeks pregnant?  So picture it, 2 pregnant ladies, one 27 and one 34 weeks, 2 little girls (one three and one 1 1/2) at the pool.  You could tell people were trying to figure out which little girl belonged to who.  Then it turned into the candy bar scene from Caddy Shack as the lifeguard was spotted roaming the water wearing a plastic glove.  Unfortunately, this was not a candy bar that she found.  Our day at the pool was over!  Saturday night I got to be the pregnant lady at a bar.  We went to a birthday party for a short time and could feel the looks.  I’m probably just paranoid but oh well.

Today was my first baby shower.  It was great!  Low key and easy.  It was nice to talk to my girlfriends and listen to some of their stories.  They are so candid and will tell you the things the books won’t.  While I was gone, S worked on moving clothes around, preparing to make room for the baby furniture that’s ready to be picked up.  We can now put the crib in place and will hopefully be able to have room for the dressers too.

I’m looking forward to a short work week and wedding festivities.  The remainder of the month of August will be a blurr.  I’ll be traveling extensively as my project comes to a head on 08/23.


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