Maternity Support Belts and Art Work…

This weekend I got a recommendation that could quite possibly be the best purchase recommendation to date.  It’s called the maternity belly support belt.  I know it sounds cheesy but I’ve heard that it could help alleviate one of the problems that has caused me to curb my running.  So I bought it and had an opportunity to try it out tonight.  All I can say is that I ran for 20 straight minutes.  Something I haven’t been able to do since the fourth month.  It wasn’t fast but I’m not winning any races any time soon.  I was so excited to be able to run, even for a little bit. 

I’ve also been thinking some more about what to decorate the little guy’s room with.  I’ve looked at paintings online that are mass produced and while they are nice, I don’t feel like I’d be spending money on anything that he could be proud to own.  Then I remembered a few local artists that might have some possible options.  I’ve reached out to them to see what might be available but here are some samples of their work.

Charles Houska

Jeff Kapfer

Craig Downs

2 responses to “Maternity Support Belts and Art Work…

  1. Hey Katie, did you decide on artwork?

    jeff kapfer

  2. Charles Houska is Pro-Abortion and just recently helped raise $13,000 for Planned Parenthood by auctioning his work at Choice Art.

    Craig Downs is an atheist and only paints religious figures and other characters because he doesn't believe in them, hence the odd colored animals and fairytale like scenes. I think he also knows what people will buy so he paints what is marketable at the time.

    Do you really want to surround your son with art from those types of artists?

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