Wow..I’m at Work and It Feels Like a Break

So I can finally say my brother is a “husband”.  Wow, that’s crazy.  He has a “wife” and one day he will have kids.  Amazing.  It’s been a long time coming and I’m so happy for him and N.  They had a beautiful day and so many people came together to support and celebrate.  It was a great weekend.

Now I’m back to work.  In fact, yesterday when all my family was climbing on planes back home, I was getting in the car and driving to Indy, where I am now. I’ll be here till Wednesday and can’t wait to get home.  I’m not sure why but this week was harder than usual to leave S.  I really miss him.  I guess it’s partly due to the fact that I know he’s on vacation this week, the fact that we had a great weekend together and hormones.  While I’ve been away, he has done something that makes me even more anxious to get home…he put together the crib.  I’m so excited.  He sent me a picture.  Check it out.  Now picture a mattress, some sheets and a mobile (all of which we have to get still).  How sweet!
I had a small awakening at the wedding this weekend.  While sitting in the Basilica watching my brother and N exchange vows, it occurred to me that everything that’s going on right now is so much bigger than me, than us (S and I).  There is plan for me, one that I didn’t setup and I can’t control and no matter how much I fight it, my best bet is to give into it and embrace it.  Yes, at 6 months pregnant, I’m just now to this point.  It was probably the closest thing I’ll have to an epiphany.  I’m coming around and hope that by the time he gets here, I’ll be fully ready to be his mom. 

One response to “Wow..I’m at Work and It Feels Like a Break

  1. aww, that's so sweet. I go through little epiphanies every now and then, too, and they're so cool. I'm not a big emotional crier but that Michael Buble song “haven't met you yet” makes me cry every time b/c I dedicated it to our little man. such a good song! I definitely feel the hormones have ramped up lately (3rd trimester here we are!)!!

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