And Now We Wait…

I took the test 4 hour long Gestational Diabetes test this morning which I was fine with until the time between the second and third blood sample.  After fasting for 12 hours, drinking the sweetest kool-aid I’ve ever had, it finally caught up to my little guy and I.  I came home between each sample and laid down after the second.  I was feeling dizzy and nauseous.  As I’m laying there willing the feeling in my gut to go away, my stomach started to resemble a ticking bomb.  Every second or so, it would go up and down up and down and then it occurred to me, BabyMac had the hiccups and it did NOTHING for the already unsettled feeling in my stomach.  After talking to my mom, I did roll over onto my left side and it subsided a little but  it was too late.  A short sprint to the restroom and I was trying to get rid of nasty drink I just had.  Not pleasant! We finished the rest of the tests with no incidence so now we wait.  I have an appointment on Friday but am expecting, hoping, to hear tomorrow what the results are.

I’m crossing my fingers but have a sinking feeling I know what the results will be.


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