Five Loaves and Two Fish

Strange title for a blog?  Yes, I know but there’s a story behind it.  But before I tell it, I have to say that I’m relieved tonight because my gestational diabetes test came back negative.  Very exciting!  No diabetes.  Tomorrow is my next appointment, doc has me going every two weeks now.

Tonight S and I also went and took the Childbirth Tour at the hospital we’re delivering at.  We learned NOTHING except where to park when you get here and which elevator to take to get to the cafeteria.  We DID learn that there are couples who are much less prepared than we are.  I felt pretty good about that.  I couldn’t believe some of the questions these couples asked.  Unreal.  Anyway, enough of that.

So after work I went to the Y hoping I’d be able to swim.  My only concern was that my Speedo swimsuit would finally not fit.  I put it on to find that the Speedo is a small miracle in itself.  About 10 laps in or so, the most random thought popped into my head that made me laugh.  My swimsuit is like the biblical story of the 5 loaves and the two fish that fed thousands.  Just when you think there’s no more to give, it just keeps on giving.  I don’t know how many more weeks I’ll be able to wear it or swim but I’m impressed with it’s ability to continue to cover my ever growing belly.  Good Work Speedo!


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