Finally A Breakthrough!!

So I know I shouldn’t be getting my hopes up but finding childcare has been such a huge pain in the neck that I thought I’d never find anyone or any place with availability in the next YEAR.  I was referred to a site called which is like a for child, adult, pet and home care.  It’s great.  I posted a request for inquiries and they come to me rather than me having to find them.  I’ve got a really promising candidate who I need to interview tonight but she’s a pediatric nurse who is going back to school in the evenings and she lives 1.5 miles from my house!!  Really, is this happening?  This is better than Christmas.  If she, and the circumstances workout, I will be one happy Momma (to be). 

In previous posts, I commented on how nice it would be to welcome Baby Mac into the world in something more fashionable than a standard issue hospital gown.  I looked online to find that yes, they do in fact make fashionable hospital gowns but to purchase them will run you upwards of around $60.  It occurred to me that I should be able to make one of these things.  So I tried and here’s the “almost” finished product.  I know, it’s hot.  🙂  What I did realize is that had I bought the right amount of fabric, the thing would’ve only cost me $20 bucks but somehow I managed to buy an extra yard.  I still need to put the finishing touches on it but I thought it was a pretty good attempt.  Now whether or not it makes it to the hospital with  me or not is still in question. 
It’s getting hard to believe I only have 10 weeks left (assuming he goes full term).  I’m getting excited not just about seeing what he looks like but just being able to put tennis shoes on without struggling to maneuver around the basketball that is my stomach.  I had my doctor’s appointment on Friday.  I love these appointments because I get to hear the heartbeat. It’s one of those times that reminds me I’m growing a kid.  But before I get to hear the heartbeat I have to step on the scale.  At 30 weeks, I’ve gained 25 lbs, which is ok I think.  Not too much but I still have 10 weeks to go.  I can’t imagine gaining a pound a week but I guess I can’t discount it either.  Baby Mac is weighing in at approximately 3-3 1/2 lbs right now so it’s good to know that I’m only going to be responsible for losing 22 of those.  But still, 10 weeks to go.  I’ll try to remember to have S take a picture this week.  In my mind, 30 weeks doesn’t look much different from a couple weeks before but I’ll try to post it. 

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