September is NOT An Option

It’s hard to believe August is on the down swing with two weeks remaining.  It’s hard to believe that at the end of August I’ll only have 8 weeks left of this pregnancy (assuming he goes full term).  I shouldn’t even say “assuming” because he really doesn’t have a choice at this point.  I need him to stay in there all of September at the very least.  There is SOOO much going on in September that any early activity could mean trouble for us.

Here’s the weekend run down –

  • Sept 4 & 5 – Family coming into town for Birthday Celebrations  (This is WAY to early and can’t imagine him coming in the 33 week, so I’m not worried)
  • Sept  10 & 11 – Going to Champaign for my grandmother’s bday and the Illinois vs. SIU football game.  (This is also WAY early at 34 weeks but if I had to be anywhere, Carle would be an acceptable place to deliver)
  • Sept 18 & 19 – Going to Indianapolis for work.  (This one concerns me a little since 35 weeks I’m thinking anything is possible and without any family around, this would be devastating.)
  • Sept 25 & 26 – Baby Shower Madness – One in STL on Saturday and one at Home (for a friend) on Sunday. 

So, Baby Mac, keep on keeping on because September is not the month for you to make an appearance. 


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