Wow…32 Weeks

Ok, life is getting uncomfortable, clothes don’t fit, sleep isn’t easy to come by, work is tough and I can’t even have a glass of wine to take the edge off.  I don’t know how long I can subject the other patrons at the gym to extremely ilfitting workout clothes.  I mean it’s bad, I know it but what’s a pregnant girl to do?  I need to design a line of maternity exercise wear.

I was able to get some physical activity in everyday this week (6 workouts), not bad.  Tonight was leg night.  S and I went around 6:30 and I was in no mood to be there until I got on a bike.  10 minutes later I was in the zone.  I got through a good set of dead lifts, lunges, calf raises, and a couple other things.  I forget.  I did get another “word of encouragement” from a guy doing squats next to me.

“How far along are you?”

“7 months” I say

“Looking pretty good”


“I’m pretty impressed to see you working out the way you do.  How are your workouts going?”

“Thanks, there are definitely things that I can’t do anymore but luckily most weights are still pretty easy to do.”

“Well, I’m motivated.  I guess I have no excuse not to workout anymore.  I mean if you’re doing it at 7 months pregnant, I guess I can do it after a long day at work.”

“Sounds pretty good.”

I gotta admit, I like it when I can impress a meat head.

BabyMac has been extremely active lately.  I’m pretty sure the inside of my stomach is bruised.  I know I’m uncomfortable right now but if he’d just grow a little bit and lose some of that free space in there, maybe the more abrupt kicks and punches won’t feel so bad.

Have I mentioned that S and I still can’t agree on a name?  In fact, we’ve both sort of strayed away from the two we originally liked.  We might have issues when it’s time to take him home if we can’t name him.

Ok, so here it is, the 32 Week Picture. I’m really not liking these pictures but I figure they’ll serve as motivation later on. You’ll notice I’m not alone in the picture. The other girl in the house wanted to show off too. One picture just wasn’t enough. Oh no, she wanted her own picture taken too. What a diva!


One response to “Wow…32 Weeks

  1. you are looking great! you will see, the weight is going to shed off. breastfeeding is miraculous!
    just be warned that for the first 3-4 days, your stomach is going to look like and feel like you are 5-6 months pregnant. but you will visually see it shrink down daily. and you will feel it too as the baby breast feeds.

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