Tomorrow We Get to See BabyMac

Tomorrow is another Doc Appt and Sonogram number 2. I’m looking forward to seeing Baby Mac again even if it is black and white and 2D. I’m hoping that his kidney issue has resolved itself and they will be able to estimate his approximate size and weight. In my WTE book (What to Expect), Baby Mac is weighing in somewhere around 4 lbs but you never know how accurate that is.  Based on how uncomfortable I am these days, I’m guessing that’s not too far off.  Just sitting isn’t real comfortable. 

It’s hard to believe next month S and I will be parents but I’m looking forward to the day that I get to wear my regular clothes again.  It will be like shopping in my own closet but that doesn’t stop me from window shopping.  I love fall fashion and these are some of my favorite looks.  I’m hoping to be able to wear SOME of these this year.  Did I mention, I’m loving stripes?


One response to “Tomorrow We Get to See BabyMac

  1. good luck today! and i'm loving stripes also!!! 🙂

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