Only 6 More Weeks To Go

I can’t believe we’re only 6 weeks away from meeting our little nameless boy. My uncle thinks we should auction off naming rights. I’m tempted since we can’t seem to come up with one on our own. I guess I should break down and buy a baby name book.

At 34 weeks, I’m adjusting to sleeping on the couch and getting sleep intermittently. I’m adjusting to the constant swelling and the occasional morning sickness which I only seem to get on Sunday A.M. The picture you’re about to see is of belly only. I’m sorry but it’s painful enough to just take these but to post them too is brutal so I’m taking myself out and focusing on the belly.  It’s so sad to look in the mirror and see what use to be your abs pulled and separated in ways you don’t think you’ll ever be able to fix.  It’s so hard to believe there’s a baby in there.

I’m about to go on my last business trip before baby and it’s a long one. I’ll be in Indy for the closure of the 34 week and the majority of the 35th. My doctor says it’s ok but is grounding me in October. Luckily I do work with lots of nurses, pharmacists and other medically grounded coworkers so I feel comfortable being away.

I also met our little boy’s pediatrician. I liked him but when you grew up around one of the best pediatricians it’s hard not to look for faults. In the absence of my grandfather, I’ll adjust to Dr. Jay Epstein. Luckily he has a sort of old school mentality that I’m comfortable with.


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