I’m Pretty Lucky..

Today was the first day of a 2 day work meeting so we all went out to lunch (something I rarely do at work).  When we got to the restaurant, I realized they were throwing me a surprise baby shower.  It was the sweetest thing.  It was something that they didn’t have to do but it’s very much appreciated.  I came home with over 450 diapers.  That should do us for a couple weeks.  🙂  Not to mention some super cute onesies, socks, toys and additional baby equipment.  Thanks work buddies!!!

I also have great family is allowing us to borrow so many things that we don’t have to buy.  It just seems like a more practical thing to do than to just go buy things for the sake of buying them.  Thanks M (sister in law) and P ( sister).  Little man is going to have so much fun growing up with such awesome cousins.  

I do think it’s cute that they are all far more worried about my trip to Indy this week than I am.  I don’t think there is any chance that this little guy will come early but I guess it’s not out of the question.  My boss, who lived in Indy for a few years, has gotten the information for the hospital that his wife delivered his youngest son at, just in case.  I can only imagine what S would say if he got a call from me telling him I was in labor in Indy.  That would not be good for anyone.  I’m betting this nameless little man like his current home and isn’t planning on vacating it anytime soon.  

I have started packing our hospital bags.  I guess I’ll finish when we come back from Indy.  I’ll be happy to know that’s done.  Baby boy’s is pretty much but mine is no where close.  Not to mention we don’t have a diaper bag.  I guess I need to commit to one of those from the previous post and order it.  It’s so hard to believe we’re getting close.  I think I’ve really needed all these months to go through all the various stages of preparedness.  If I look back at my posts, I can almost plot them out although I might have backtracked a little somewhere in there but I can honestly say I’m ready to meet him.  I ready to see what he looks like.


2 responses to “I’m Pretty Lucky..

  1. how exciting! you are almost there. that is so great that your co-workers totally surprised you.

  2. I came across your blog on the Baby Blogs site and love it!
    I loved it so much that I picked you for a blog award that was given to me recently. To accept, just go to my blog and follow the steps to pass it on!
    Good luck on your trip!!

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