Good News

Today was the day we found out whether or not Baby Mac had been able to resolve his own kidney issue.  I head to the hospital a little nervous but when the technician calls me in, I’m really nervous.  I go in, sit on the table, a few minutes later she’s taken the few pictures she needed to take then tries to give me the opportunity to see his face.  Turns out the little unnamed man doesn’t want to be photographed.  He refused to move in a way that would give us anything more than a partial profile shot.  What I did see was that he seems to have some chunky cheeks and that he likes to suck his thumb already (I guess he gets that from me).  So after we’re done with the photo shoot I ask the tech if the doctor would be coming in to explain the results. 

Tech: “I’m going to show him the pictures and if he things everything is normal than I’ll come back in to tell you.”  “I’ll be right back.”

So now I’m sitting in this dark room waiting to just here..”Everything looks great”.  Instead, the door opens and the Doctor comes in with a resident in tow.  Oh great.  Now I’m really nervous.  

Doctor: “Well, we’d like to take another look.  Do you mind?”

Me: “No problem”  [Are you going to tell me what we’re looking at?]

Then the doctor proceeds to squirt that jelly stuff on my growing belly but misses.  Thanks!  He’s obviously is trying to make the resident think he’s in charge.  He’s pointing out various baby body parts to this young girl and she nods.  “Uh huh”.    Then…finally..he says”Well, looks like there’s still a little inflammation but it’s within a normal range.  I wouldn’t worry about a thing.”

YEAH!!  Thank you…that’s what I wanted to hear.  

So feeling good, I headed to my doctor for my 36 week appointment.  Now we’re going weekly.     

I knew at some point they would start checking something other than the heart rate.  Well, I guess this is it.  The problem isn’t checking, it’s what I have to do to allow them to check.  Lately I’m wearing compression socks up to my knees, jeans that are barely staying up and tennis shoes I told myself I’m only tying once today.  So 5 minutes later, I’m finally ready for the checkup.  I don’t expect any change or any progression so when she tells me I’m about 75% effaced.  What does that mean?  She tries to explain but it takes me googling it later to realize the ball is in motion.  Now how fast it happens is still to be determined.  I guess we better get serious about coming up with a name.


One response to “Good News

  1. happy to hear the good news. he is almost here. get ready!
    we are having a giveaway. you should enter!

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