Uncomfortably Satisfied

I’m now officially grounded.  I won’t be doing anymore traveling by plane, train or automobile for the remainder of my pregnancy.  The only car rides I’ll be doing will be within the Metro area.  I’m now going to the doctor weekly which is a real reminder that we’re almost there.  Less than 4 weeks to go and my gut tells me we’re going earlier than the Oct 26th due date.  I guess we’ll find out more on Friday.

Being home this week has been great after a week away.  Last night I went to the gym and was able to complete my spinning class which felt completely uncomfortable in the beginning but by the end it really did feel good.  I was very satisfied when I left the gym. 
This weekend was full of baby showers.  One for me hosted by S’s side of the family which was a lot of fun and one for my girlfriend at home (2 hrs away).  At my shower, we got a lot of very important things that I know will get plenty of use.  I was so excited that my sister in law and nephew flew in for the party.  I love seeing them. My nephew is getting so big.  I can’t even believe it.  He looks like such a little man.  I can’t wait to get our boys together.  S and I are so fortunate to have two very loving families supporting us.  We’re gonna need it when this little guy comes. 

Baby C – not such a baby anymore!


My girlfriend’s shower was a lot of fun too.  We grew up together, going to catholic grade school.  Our birthdays are very close and now our little boy’s birthday’s will be even closer, she’s due just 6 days after me.  She’s way ahead of us in the preparation race.  You’ll notice she’s got a name picked out which we do not yet have.  🙂  Baby Mac is starting to sound real good.  I know that dress doesn’t make me look so good but when you’re this pregnant, nothing does. 
On our way back from the shower, we stopped by my sisters to give her a birthday gift and spend sometime with my niece.  When we got there, Baby M was asleep and looking as angelic as ever.  I couldn’t resist holding her.  She stayed this way for about 10 minutes then woke up and provided everyone with a little baby entertainment. 

It’s weekends like this that make me realize that I might actually have the maternal instinct that I’ve been worried doesn’t exist.  Every time I get around anything baby these days, I seem to get a little overly happy.  I can’t wait to have moments like these documented with my own little man.  This week I’m definitely uncomfortably satisfied.


One response to “Uncomfortably Satisfied

  1. you will be surprised how quickly and naturally that maternal instinct kicks in. it's literally the moment that baby is in your arms. 🙂

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