Preparation Goes Into Full Swing

With my due date fast approaching, approx 3 weeks, I wanted to assess all that we’ve acquired either through baby showers (thank you friends and family) or through our own purchases.  We didn’t get to celebrate Baby Mac with Illinois based family and friends due to my work schedule.  Don’t worry, though we will celebrate his arrival once he’s here (look for something in November – maybe). 

Based on what I understand to be true about babies, the following are things we need to get sooner rather than later.  Any input would be greatly appreciated:

1. Functional Camera – I know it’s not a must have but I do want one.  We’re looking at the Panasonic G10 as a camera we can grow into.  It also has HD Video capability so no need for a video recorder. 

2. Stroller – Might need within the first month once we have errands to run.  In the end we’ll have multiple strollers, one for every day use and one for running (you should have seen that coming).  I’ll prioritize the every day stroller first.  The Chicco Cortina works with the baby seat so I’m thinking this is the one we want. 

3. First Aid Kit and Thermometer – Since his arrival will coincide with flu season, I’m thinking we’re going to want/need many of the items in these kits to better understand anything he might be feeling.  S and I will also be getting flu shots this year since we will be caring for him while he’s unprotected.  I’ve never gotten one in the past but I’m guessing it won’t hurt. 

I did just order a diaper bag.  I’m a little disappointed that I didn’t get one of the one from “Nest” but S swore he wouldn’t carry a bag that looked like a purse.  So I’ll have to get that one later.  So those are the only “Must Haves” that I can think of.  The remainder of the things on our registry are things that others have recommended or that I think might be helpful.


2 responses to “Preparation Goes Into Full Swing

  1. Katie,
    I'm also expecting my first baby (same due date as you!) and finishing up the “nesting” process. Have you thought about/looked at a BOB stroller? This is what my husband and I chose, as it works as both a normal stroller, and is awesome for running as well. You can get an adapter bar to attach the car seat as well (not sure if it works with all models). It is a little pricey, but does double duty and corners on a dime, so you don't have to worry about running people over in the supermarket 🙂 As a triathlete trying to keep up with s/b/r (of some sort) during pregnancy, I have enjoyed reading your blog and wish you a happy and healthy final few weeks of pregnancy!

  2. a camera is a MUST!!! you will not stop taking pictures of your little one or video.
    a stroller is also a must. i was walking around with Lily after 4 days of her being born. it was a little hard because she was breast feeding all the time but it felt great to get out. it was wonderful for the both of us.
    as far as a diaper bag, both Will and I really love our skip hop bag. they are really great quality bags.

    and, surprise!

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