T-24 Days

S and I went to the doctor yesterday to see if anything has changed.  I’m starting to think that the whole idea of these weekly appointments is to test your agility.  If you can make it, go through the Dr Office Obstacle course and get out, you’ve still got more time before baby comes.  Every appointment starts the same way: Pee in a cup, the dreaded scale, blood pressure check and stomach measuring.

Sure these activities seem pretty easy but have you ever tried to pee in a cup when you can’t see past your belly?  NOT EASY.   Then after you’ve done your best to hit the cup only to be defeated, you have to go get on the scale which will also leave you feeling deflated (poor choice of words because you don’t feel anything close deflated).  After you’ve done the math in your head, you start to hope this is a big baby if only to know that he accounts for the weight you keep gaining.

Then the visit gets interesting.  The blood pressure checks out ok, and the measuring tape only comes out for a brief minute.  Once all the formalities are over, a more thorough inspection has to be done.  This is the part S isn’t so comfortable with.  Not that I’m liking it either, I feel like a car that needs to get it’s oil checked but there’s no dipstick.  After an uncomfortable few seconds, my doctor can only say, “Not much has changed” which is exactly NOT what I want to hear but I do know that when he went to check for the heartbeat he found it about 2 inches below my belly button when last week it was at or above.  So my “professional” analysis is that he’s dropping.

I go again on Wednesday so hopefully the doctor will say something to make me feel a little more optimistic.

In other news, I did finish my hospital gown which turned out pretty well.  I’m pretty proud of it.  It’s been seamed and finished and almost looks professional.  I should probably add one more closure to the back but I’m betting I won’t miss it when it comes to actually wearing it.  The other sewing project I’m trying to finish is for my baby sister (21 years old) who wants to be Vivian from Pretty Woman.  She showed wants to look like her on the cover of the DVD.  I’ve gotten the skirt done and did the top but I’m going to redo it since I think I’ve thought of a better way to put it together.  It’s hard when you can’t draw and there’s no pattern.  Luckily this is just a Halloween costume.


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