Changing of the Gaurds…

It’s a metaphor for what’s happening on my nightstand right now. Before I got pregnant, my nightstand included a recreational reading book and a collection of the monthly cooking and fitness magazines.  When I found out I was pregnant, I didn’t get rid of the previously mentioned collection but rather just added to them with a couple additions including “What to Expect When Expecting” and the “Baby Name” book.  Now that I’m in the 37th week, these books have moved only to be replaced by “What to Expect In the First Year”, “Baby Wise” and a plethora of parenting magazines provided free by my doctor’s office.  They are good guides to what I can expect over the next weeks/months but I do miss my Pre-pregnancy reading materials.  So this week, I’m revolting.  I’m not reading anything baby related.  I’ve gotten a new Runner’s World, Triathlete Mag and Cooking Light which are desperately wanting to be read.

This week I’m also going to, try as I might, work on getting my weekly workout routine back on track.  I was only able to workout twice last week and it made me feel terrible.  I’m aware that “my life is about to change” yada yada but can’t I enjoy the structure of a routine for just a few more weeks? 

S and I are very much creatures of habit and need to know that on Monday night, I spin and he does an upper body workout of some sort, we eat dinner around 8:30 then watch TV and head to bed around 10:30.  I know, I know, this will all change but for a couple more Monday’s I want to just enjoy it for what it is.


One response to “Changing of the Gaurds…

  1. enjoy it! do it now because you won't be able to do it for a while.
    also, email me your address to:

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