How Soon is Too Soon To…

to put the car seat in the car? I know we still officially have 2 1/2 weeks but I can’t help thinking I should be putting it in.  I’ve already started packing a “hospital bag” so why not?  We have a doctor’s appointment today so maybe I’ll see how that turns out. 

to start planning my race season for next year?  I guess the only thing holding me back here is knowing what life will be like post baby but I can dream right?  There are 2 or 3 races (half marathons and tri’s) that I really want to do. 

  • Illinois Marathon – 04/30 – I tried to do this race this year but was pregnant and sick.  Had I not been sick, I would’ve run.  It’s cheaper than Go St. Louis Race and it gives me an opportunity to see my family in Champaign. I also think my sister MIGHT join a relay team so I’d like to participate in the event with her. 
  • Memphis in May – 05/23 – I had registered for this race prior to getting pregnant and paid the registration fee which the race organizers were nice enough to transfer for me to the 2011 race.  So I’m there.  It’s like a free race.  Why not? 
  • HerrinFesta Triathlon – 05/28 – This is a small triathlon but also puts me close to family and would just be a fun race to do. 

That gets me through the first couple months of the season and gives me plenty to train for.  I know it will be challenging to get back to race form but the motivation has been building for 9 months.  The two things I’m concerned about are getting enough time on the bike and in the pool.  I’ve been spinning this entire pregnancy so hopefully that will contribute to moderate losses on the bike rather than complete losses. The pool is always challenging,  I’m not a swimmer at all and feel like all I’m capable of doing is not drowning.  I’d love to have the nice form and speed of a life-long swimmer.  I wonder if I can ask for that for my birthday. 

The remainder of the race season is questionable.  We’ll have to take it day by day. 


One response to “How Soon is Too Soon To…

  1. if you can do a tri by april i will consider you part super woman!!!!

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