We’ve Come A Long Way…

It will be 7 years this Halloween since the picture in the top of this collage was taken.  I’d say we’ve come along way from these days.  Looking back, I would’ve never thought we’d be waiting to meet our son.  It’s crazy how time flies.  
I can’t wait to witness the moment S holds him and realizes that this is HIS son.  I’m hoping our little guy gets his dad’s curly hair and my temperament.  I think I can only handle one Irishman in the house.
I’m so ready to get this show on the road.  Just going to work is getting to be tough.  My desk isn’t exactly the most comfortable place to be not to mention trying to look professional when you’ve gained 30 lbs and are carrying a basketball under whatever shirt happens to fit that day.  I’m hoping to get a reprieve from the business attire dress code for the remainder of my in office work time.  If I could just wear jeans and tennis shoes I’d be much happier.  

One response to “We’ve Come A Long Way…

  1. only 30lbs is great! hang in there, he's almost here.

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