Pins and Needles

With everyday that passes the chances that I’ll go into labor increase.  I remember when my sister was at this point, I would call her everyday or wait for her call thinking the next time I spoke to her would be when she tells me she’s on the way to the hospital.  Well, I guess I’m there.  My dad calls almost daily, I can’t work from home without making sure everyone around me knows that’s what’s happening and  S picks up his phone when I call on the first ring.  Everyone is on pins and needles, including me. 
Yesterday S and I went to the gym and like I said before, my workouts have been modified slightly.  I did get to do the stair machine for 15 minutes yesterday which I do like to do if for no other reason you get a good view of the rest of the gym.  I’m nosy, I like to see what’s going on. 
After the stair machine, I did my usual circuit of machines which you can see in illustration #2. As I was doing those, I stopped between sets and was just holding my stomach (no contractions, just in a daze).  When someone approached…
“Are you ok?”
Yeah, why do you ask?
“I’m an EMT and you looked like maybe you were having some contractions or something. Are you close?”
Oh, that’s funny. Sorry, no I’m fine.  Just in a daze but yes, I’m about 2 weeks out. 
“Ok, well, I’m keeping my eye on you.”
You have to admit there is something about a pregnant belly that brings out the best in people.  Everyone who I encounter is beyond supportive.  I had similar experiences this weekend in the neighborhood.  S and I were dog sitting which turned out to be a lot of fun.  The weather was great and I enjoyed getting out and walking them both with S.  While we were out, I think everyone in the neighborhood would watch and wait for us to go by.  We’ve talked to everyone over the course of a few days and again, we’re very lucky to be surrounded by such supportive neighbors.  It definitely makes me feel good.  S and I’ve talked about looking for a larger house but this neighborhood is priceless.  My next door neighbors are feverishly working to complete the fence between our yards so that when I’m on maternity leave, I’ll be able to let the Zoe-meister out back and not have to walk her every time.  Zoey is the small one, Molly is the bigger furball.  Thank god they get a long.   
We’re going to meet another childcare provider today.  We’ve found some good ones and not so good ones but not “the one” we’re prepared to leave our child with.  I’m praying that the woman we’re going to meet today sounds as good as she does on the phone and as her references sound.  I’d like to have this figured out before he arrives.  Childcare has, by far, been the most stressful decision to date. 
We got our carseat in one of the vehicles and S has learned how to work the “pumpkin seat”.  It was pretty priceless to watch him fumble with it but he figured it out pretty quickly.  We got our “hospital bag” packed and I even got email lists created to so that when we have good news to share, we already know where to send it.  Can you tell I’m a Type A, project manager and then a first time parent?
In case there are any soon-to-be moms out there reading this, my new parent coach (provided through work), sent me a website which was great in helping S and I figure out what to pack in our “hospital bags”.  Check it out..

2 responses to “Pins and Needles

  1. everyone loves a pregnant belly!! well, almost everyone…
    almost there.
    can't wait!

  2. Oh how I wish we were in the same city!!! I have been too tired and lazy to post on my blog but we are in the SAME exact boat. I have officially thrown the towel in. I swear tomorrow will be a better day! The last two days have been crappy. I don't sleep well anymore and I've gotten a very slight head cold (but as you know, any additional discomforts suck right now!), it's still HOT in TX and I sweat regardless of the temps! I freeze most pple out of rooms. I had to stop running a couple of weeks ago (my DD is 23rd) and I'm miserable doing anything else. I fake I'm enjoying spin class and I'm just about tired of pple asking me when I'm due. I say, 'any day now…whenever he wants to get here:)' with a chipper voice;) I always get, 'you are about to pop!' On good days, I don't mind any of the comments, but on these not so good days, I want to be invisible! The anticipation of him coming and labor is killing me lately! My entire Bradley birthing class has given birth but us and another couple, so I just feel like I've been pregnant forever! Work is just a nuisance but a good distraction. I'd drive myself crazy if I was bored! So sorry to vent! I feel the same exact way as you, though! Good days and bad days, but lately I've had a few more of the bad days. I keep reminding myself to count my blessings! We're almost there! I am on FB a little bit more these days. I'm under 'jessica tranchina.' Find me! Can't wait to hear your update and your birth plan. Any signs/symptoms yet? I'd love to compare notes! Good luck!

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