Life as a New Mommy

First off, I have to thank our families for all their support.  I don’t know how we would’ve made it through the first week without my mom staying with us helping to cook and clean and keep up on the chores that I would normally do.  She helped me through engorgement and first bath.  It was a priceless time and I will treasure it always.

Baby I is now over a week old (a week and one day) and we’re starting to settle in a little bit.  At birth he was 7 lb 9 oz.  When we left the hospital he had lost almost a pound.

He had his first Doctor’s appointment last Friday and he had gained 3 ounces back but they were still slightly concerned so we had a second appointment today to check his weight gain.  First of all, getting out of the house felt good even if it was just to the doctor but prepping to go out with a newborn is challenging.  You have to think about everything and pack for as many situations as you can think of.  Thank god S was able to go to.  I’m so nervous about the trip I have to make without him.  
The doctor’s appointment was pretty short but not without some excitement.  The goal of the visit was to check his weight.  They were hoping to see a 2-3 ounce gain.  Well, bruiser blew that estimate out of the water with a healthy one full pound gain in 4 days.  The doctor didn’t believe the nurse the first time.  He had to see her weigh him again to believe it.  Doc said it was off the charts and impressive.  He commended our parenting and my milk production (which is in full swing).  His weight gain means we don’t have to wake him every two hours to eat and I can hopefully pump and store some more milk.  Now if I can just get him to sleep through the night.   I guess one step at a time.
I’ve been able to get out and walk with I a couple times which has been great.  The inventor of the bjorn should be given a medal of some sort.  That contraption is PRICELESS!  Workouts are going to have to wait.  I’m recovering from some pretty significant tearing but walking doesn’t feel too bad.  I am looking forward to the time I’ll be able to run again.  
For now, I’m unbelievably happy being a mom even on minimal sleep and without regular workouts.  The feeling I get when he looks up at me is unbelievable and I wouldn’t trade this time for anything.  

2 responses to “Life as a New Mommy

  1. I remember those days! You're going to feel like a pro in a couple of months. 😉 He's a cutie.

  2. he is so cute! congrats again.

    get used to the no sleep for a while and taking at least an extra 30 mins to get everything ready to get out the door. 😉

    btw, did you receive the giveaway?

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