2 Weeks Old Tomorrow

It’s been almost two weeks and I can’t believe how much has happened,  how much he’s changed, and how much I love him even though his internal clock is backwards (sleeps all day and is up and fussy all night).  Here are some of the things we’re currently struggling with:
1. Soothing – Baby E refuses to take a pacifier and in it’s place, he elects to use me to soothe which in turn means he’s eating more than he really wants to so he’s spitting up and is constantly wrestling with a overly full tummy.
2. Sleeping – His schedule is off which is frustrating but what’s more frustrating is where he chooses to sleep.  He doesn’t like his crib (I don’t blame him).  It’s big and unwelcoming.  He’s been sleeping in a boppy chair or on me.  

Which I love but I would like him to learn to sleep better in a bed of some sort.
Those seem to be our two big issues at the moment.  I’m sure that will change in a week. 
I’m ready to start getting back to workouts.  I’m getting a little stir crazy being here at the house all the time.  My recovery still keeps me from doing anything more than a few short walks with the little one (I love the bjorn) during the day.  Thank god the weather has been nice we can still go outside.  After that we’ll be bound to the treadmill downstairs.  

One response to “2 Weeks Old Tomorrow

  1. Have you tried using swaddle sacks on your little guy to help him sleep in his crib? My little girl is a week old and will fall sleep on me or in her boppy chair for hours, but if you mover her to the crib, game over! However, if I put her in a Halo or Summer Infant swaddle sack, she stays asleep…it's been a big help! Good luck with everything and enjoy your little one 🙂

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