Notes From a New Mommy

Baby E and I have been together now for almost 3 weeks and I learn something new about him or myself everyday.  Here are just a few of the random lessons learned:

1. Always make sure you’re fully dressed before answering the door…This is based on a potentially embarrassing experience I had this week.  We want to get some concrete work done outside so I had a contractor come to give us a quote.  Right before he came, I had been feeding Baby E.  When the doorbell rang, I positioned E on my shoulder and answered the door.  I led the contractor to the area we need the work done outside when I felt a draft that I couldn’t place.  As he was taking measurements, I looked down and realized that I hadn’t buttoned up my shirt and there was a special part left out in the open.  Luckily, baby E was covering it but not enough to keep me from feeling a draft.

2. Music in the car can SOMETIMES stop a screaming kid…This lesson is courtesy of my sister.  On our way to the doctor, little man wouldn’t stop screaming.  I called P to see if she had any suggestions.  Here’s what she said.  Find some calming music and turn it up louder than his crying.  Sure enough, I found the SPA channel on Sirius and cranked it.  3 minutes later he was quiet.  Amazing!

3.  Sleep whenever you can…Babies have a mind of their own and they sleep when they want not when you want them too.  S and I are getting good about trying to let each other sleep but I still haven’t been able to get more than 2 hours consecutive sleep but I sleep whenever I can.

Baby E continues to make me feel very fortunate for having bought our treadmill when we did.  We’ve found that it’s one of the only ways we can get him to calm down and/or fall asleep.  I think for our anniversary, S and I are going to invest in a better tv for down there.


One response to “Notes From a New Mommy

  1. sounds like you are getting the hang of things. lol 😉

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