5lbs and 5 Weeks

My little boy is growing up so fast.  He had his 1 month checkup and I’m happy to report he’s a healthy baby boy weighing in at 10 lbs 14 oz.  He’s smiling at me and starting to follow people and objects.  It’s amazing to see him hit those milestones.  I’m starting back to work part time next Monday and it’s breaking my heart but more so I was nervous that he wouldn’t take a bottle since to date he’s not successfully done so.

My mother in law came over on Monday to try and he successfully took a bottle from her which made me feel so much better.  I’m ok if he won’t take one from me at the time.  I get it.  He wants the real thing.  His healthy eating habits have done great things for my midsection.  At the gym tonight, my weekly weigh in shows that I’m 5 lbs away from pre baby weight and I couldn’t be happier.  Once I can start doing complete workouts I’m hoping that will come.

Sunday Baby E was also baptized which I was happy about.  He was surrounded by loving family and will be supported in his spiritual life by great god parents.  
Maternity leave has allowed me to get some Christmas shopping done. We’ve gotten a lot of things on line but I’ve been able to get out a little bit with him before the malls get busy to get a couple other gifts.  Everyone has almost been taken care of.  We’ve found some great things this year.  Baby E is a good shopper.  
I’m also starting to generate my own wish list which always include new clothes so that I can show off my almost pre-baby weight.  Also included is:
1. New Running Shoes – Nikes, Asics or New Balance are my favorites
2. Lap Counter – Sometimes when I swim I forget what lap I’m on.  This thing is ingenious.  
3. Michele Tahitian Jelly Bean Watch – I think this watch is perfect for me.  It’s sporty while still being sophisticated and classic.  🙂
4. Hudson Diaper Bag – I still want this bag.  I love it.  
More to come…

One response to “5lbs and 5 Weeks

  1. YAY! good healthy baby E! congrats on the baptism and on the weight loss. happy thanksgiving!!

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