5 Ways Life Has Changed…

Everyone says it’s going to happen and I remember saying “yea, yeah, I know” but you don’t really get it until it happens.  Life changes.  It slows down in some ways and speeds up in others.  Priorities change, the depth of emotion your capable of feeling changes, IT ALL CHANGES.  You know what?  I love it but I thought I’d try to articulate just some of the ways my life has changed since E entered our lives.

1. Today I found myself cheering for something I thought I’d never cheer for…poop.  Baby E has been having some trouble with this and so when he’s able to produce some, we like to think of it as a little victory of sorts. Never in a million years would I have thought I’d find the stuff so exciting. 

2. Sundays, before E, I would spend my time packing for the upcoming business travel.  I’d iron, plan, pack and get to bed early so that 3:30 wake up call didn’t sting too bad.  Now, I’m still packing however the content is a little different.  Last night I spent an hour packing a diaper bag (with extra clothes, burp clothes, diapers, bottles, milk, etc), a breast pump (to take to work), my work bag (laptop, etc) and food.  Yep, I know it’s exciting.  You’d think by looking at it all in the front room, we were leaving for a week.  I’m scare to think what it’s actually going to look like when we do leave for a week. 

3. Conversation Topics are different.  My life was consumed with nothing but work and fitness and thus my conversations would center around those.  But now, with friends, I’ve talked more about my boobs, baby sleeping habits, and baby bodily functions than I ever thought I could.  I know some people find this annoying so I try to minimize it but it’s hard.  Luckily I’ve got lots of support from other mommas who want to talk about it so that helps. 

4.  Negotiation is the KEY to marriage.  Before, S and I were free to come and go as we please.  If he wanted to workout earlier than me, he could do so without any real consultation from me.  Now, we have to find the balance.  Our days are planned out in such a way that maximizes both of our interests while still spending quality time with E, who of course comes first in almost every instance. 

5. Contentment is a new found state of being.  I always thought I was content with the way things were in life.  I loved my husband, I have a great family, awesome dog and wonderful friends but I never realized what was missing until E got here.  I can sit cuddled up with him, on the couch, listening to him sleep and not need anything else.  It is the most amazing feeling. 
Bonus 1 – I’m more in love with my husband now then I was pre-baby.  I love that when I look at him now I see that he’s changed too.  I love the way he seems to be more protective of not only E but me as well.  It amazes me to watch S with him.  He’s come along way and continues to feel more and more comfortable with him.  To tell you the truth, before E arrived, I was concerned that this would affect us in a potentially negative way but it’s SOOO not true.  Yes, there are times when we differ in opinion on what to do but ultimately we work it out and work together. 

I couldn’t leave you without a new picture of E.  This is 7 week old E sitting in his boppy chair.

Just for comparison, this is him in the same chair at 2 weeks

2 responses to “5 Ways Life Has Changed…

  1. Noni thinks Ian is a handsome boy.

  2. lol. get used to cheering for poop. and asking about poop. and the consistency of poop. it's all about poop.

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